Inspiration 9

Inspiration is an intuitive graphic diagram editor that brings one of the best ways to think and learn with ease. Ideal for writing, visual mapping, making…


TextPad 7.0

A text editor complete alternative to notepad.


Scratch 1.4

Scratch is a program for creating and sharing interactive games, music, stories and art. It makes everything easier in order to express creativity, allowing…

ABC Timetable

ABC Timetable 1.10.0303

Create and print timetables for school and other activities!


Abacux 4.1.1

Abacux contains all the power and performance of its predecessor TurboCalc, adding a new professional design and numerous additional modules unquestionable…

ABAEnglish MiniCourse

ABAEnglish MiniCourse 1.0

ABAEnglish minicourse is a free program you can learn and review English grammar.


Abby 1.0

How many feet is a kilometer, how do I convert Fahrenheit to Celtigrade? So many times we need these basic simple calculations. Abby does this job quickly.


Abscissatron 1.0

Abscissatron a set of calculators is dedicated to solving quadratic equations, cubic and fourth degree. Each has its own executable and interface.


Anagramarama 0.1

Anagramarama is a word game for Windows.